Independent’s 10 Best Beach Towels

best beach towels

Best Beach Towels

Our fab extra large beach towels have been voted one of the 10 best beach towels by the Independent – “a towel that looks good, will last you years & is a bit different from the average, we like Deckchairstripes now trading as The Stripes Company products’

They come in many vibrant colours all trimmed in a different one of our striped fabrics, with a variety of coordinating holiday products available too.
Every one of our top quality beach towels is constructed from 100% cotton terry loops which, unlike some velours, absorb moisture, meaning you get dryer much quicker.

Are you a lover of the beach, holiday villa or hotel with a pool, luxury camper or gym fanatic?

If so our fluffy extra large beach towels are ideal for keeping you warm and dry and adding a touch of colour and style to your day.

The best beach towels we produce at The Stripes Company feature a deep dyed jewel bright coloured stripy border, perfect for making a statement while relaxing under the sun.

The Stripes Company luxury beach towels offer maximum coverage and measure an extra large 170 cms x 100 cms. Ideal for drying you fast and wrapping up to keep you warm on the beach

They are also perfect for draping on your poolside lounger for sunbathing by the pool.

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