Australian Summer Barbie Season

It’s warming up nicely in Australia and The Stripes Company Australia has some perfect items for the barbie season…whether you are heading to the beach or roasting your turkey on the barbie in the garden patio!

The Stripes Company barbie season

Deckchairstripes, having rebranded as The Stripes Company, is the stripe specialist bringing exclusive bold beautiful Striped fabrics and products to Australia! With over 30 Deckchair canvas fabrics for recovering your traditional wooden folding Deckchairs and stylish Directors Chairs, we hope to brighten up your town, country or beach house with colourful stripes for the Beach, Country & Home.

Striped Aprons with large pocket
Striped Aprons with large pocket


Wanting to stand out in the BBQ crowd?

Take a look at our Aprons for the BBQ, Oven Gloves and Tea Towels range…

striped BBQ apron red white and blue stripes
BBQ Aprons
pink striped aprons
Pink Striped Apron & Oven Gloves







tablerunner for the barbie season



Beautiful barbie season dressed Dining Table  РDeckchair canvas as a table runner in Vintage Deckchair Canvas Waltzing Stripe and striped fun Sun Hats!

Choose from 6 different designs of Bunting all 5.5mts long to jazz up your patio, garden, windbreak, party or festive event…

stripy bunting





Wanting to stand out at the Beach this barbie season? Take a look at the vibrant luxury cotton beach towels with matching  extra large beach bags available to purchase..

extra large beach towels



Just visit to view some beautiful items delivered straight to your door in Australia!


The Stripes Company