How To Make A Deckchair Canopy Cover

Watch as we show you in 6 simple steps how to make your own deckchair canopy cover using our unique stripy fabric and pompom fringe. You can see our huge range of deckchair fabrics and pompom bobble fringes on our website

Make Canopy Cover Video Transcript

How to recover a deckchair canopy from The Stripes Company

Step 1. Preparing Your Fabric


For most deckchair canopies you will need 2m of deckchair fabric cut in half to make 2 x 1m lengths which you will pin and then stitch together.

Step 2. Sewing Deckchair Canopy Together


Iron the seam flat.

Step 3. Measuring Up


You will need approx 3m of bobble fringe.

Note the front and back measurements of canopy frame (back may be narrower)

To find the depth of the overhang subtract your canopy width from the width of the fabric and then divide the remaining measurement by two. Note this down. Do this for front and back.

Step 4. Creating The Corners


Fold the corners and using the previous measurements mark with a pin (remember front and back are different).

Repeat for all four corners.

Stitch and then cut off the surplus fabric from each of the four corners.

Step 5. Adding The Bobble Fringe


Start at a corner seam folding in the edge of the fabric the width of the bobble trim and pin all the way around the canopy before stitching.

Step 6. Finishing Off Deckchair Canopy Cover


Tacking the corners is optional.

Enjoy your canopy

It is that easy! Create your own deckchair canopy cover with deckchair fabric and bobble fringe from The Stripes Company.

deckchair canopy cover
Birdwatching Canopy Cover with Snooker Pompom Trim
canopy with pompom trim
pompom trim on a deckchair canopy

Timeless Stylish Deck Chairs

stylish edwardian deck chairs
Edwardian Deck Chair in Aerobics Stripe

Stylish Deck Chairs, Timeless Deckchairs  – The Edwardian Deck Chair

Stylish Deckchairs

Here at the Stripes Company we offer new Old Style Deck Chairs which we cover from ‘canopy’ top to ‘footstool’ toe in any of our wonderful deckchair fabrics. In addition we trim the canopies with pompoms from our range of bobble fringes, if desired.

Timeless Garden Chairs

These timeless stylish deck chairs are in the style of Edwardian deckchairs from days gone by. The beautiful canopies shade you from the sun, while the footstool lets you put your feet up, so you can totally relax. What more could you want? 

Oh I know! A matching tie on deck chair headrest……..(which we now make!!)

green old style deck chair
Green old style deck chair – Punting Stripe


Restore Antique Deck Chairs

However some of our enterprising customers restore and recover their own antique deck chairs. Furthermore, they buy the deckchair fabric from The Stripes Company and recover the chairs themselves.

Also, see our video on how to make your own stylish deck chair canopy cover in 6 simple steps.

Its quite easy with our detailed instructions

restored edwardian deckchair
Restored edwardian deckchair for 70th birthday present

Replacement Covers

If sewing is not your thing, we can now make stylish replacement Edwardian deck chair covers, including replacement canopies and fabric for the footstools. Just choose your fabric and send us your old covers as templates.

Heritage Deckchair Hire Launches


North Pier Blackpool
North Pier Blackpool

If there was ever an enduring image of Beach Life UK, it has to be the one of Blackpool’s iconic deckchairs in rows on the pier, or on the beach with windbreaks, the knotted handkerchiefs/ braces combo and the Tower in the background….

Having been given the opportunity to purchase ALL Blackpool’s deckchairs, (arguably the best and most famous in the world) the stipulation was to move them quickly. We had just a week to find a new home for them and organise the move.

The design of a deckchair was originally based on campaign furniture – the type of which could be folded (flat packed!) and transported by armies across continents.

There is no easy way to move 6000 deckchairs from a massive pile piles of blackpool deckchairsinto waiting trucks, except single handling by an army of ants. However, due to the shortage of ants in a Blackpool Council depot, we had to elicit the services of 14 strong men, two lorries, two full Saturdays and 8 return trips from Blackpool to South Cheshire.

Not to mention the catering requirements of vast quantities of fish and chips for the workers whilst reclining in deckchairs for their lunch breaks.

Now safely ensconced, the hiring process is now underway for sending and collecting deckchairs anywhere within mainland UK.


They may be covered in the original plastic, new plastic or our lovely cotton canvas stripes.

All chairs remain in original condition except for the metalware on each chair, which will be replaced for safety.  We expect that chair maintenance and cleaning will be a continual process, but with many  spare parts and a great team, we will be able to undertake this task.

So if you are organising a party no matter how large or small, we will be able to assist in some way.  See Heritage Deckchair Hire or call 01244 336387
If you would like to purchase one of our iconic deckchairs, please give us a call, we would wish to make these available and accessible as part of our great heritage.

If you have visions of your event or fundraiser being controlled by a man in a flat cap issuing tickets with an original machine, we may be able to fix that too!

Back To A More Glamorous Era…

At Deckchairstripes we are all excited about the launch of our new and exclusive 100% cotton sateen cushions, which have been inspired from glamorous days gone by. There are eight enchanting vintage designs to choose between including: vintage sandcastles, vintage fairground, vintage ladies tennis, vintage travel, pinup girls and our very popular vintage penny farthing.   Each cushion design has different complimentary stripes on the back of the cushion

Dreaming of the Summer Sunshine…

It’s less than a month till Christmas and yet before long we’ll be thinking of summer. No sooner will we have given our Christmas presents than Easter eggs will be on the shelves!

In these dark dreary months we all need to daydream… can’t help dreaming of summer lazing in the deckchair.  Have a look at our lovely deckchairs and beach accessories thinking of those glorious sunny days ahead.

And for those of you who are lucky enough to be heading for sunnier climes this Christmas have a look around at the colours that inspire you. Maybe you’ll find them in one of our stripes.

Deckchairs covered in Vintage Deckchair Canvas

For those of you who prefer the ‘Retro’ look of days gone by we can cover our Deckchairs with any of our vintage look deckchair fabrics for you. These will appeal to those of you who want a fifties feel to your covers instead of more modern interpretations, but with brand new canvas.

If you have an existing traditional wooden folding deckchair that needs recovering and would like to recover it yourself with a vintage look, you will need 1.5 metres of fabric and a pack of upholstery nails – select from our  Vintage Deckchair Canvas range

We have some lovely bobble fringes which you can trim a deckchair canopy with if your deckchair has one!

deckchairsdeckchairs with vintage deckchair fabricdeckchairs with old fashioned stripe fabricstraditional deckchairs with vintage deckchair canvas

Vintage Rocking Deckchairs for Sale x 3

Sometimes we come across one-off individual and historic deckchairs which we are unable to sell on the website because they are unrepeatable and often very rare. We restore them (but not too much because the age is part of the charm) and will offer them here.

We are offering three rocking deckchairs from c. 1930 which are stamped ‘Castle Woodcrafts Helmsley (York)’. They are in excellent condition and very capacious with curving arms and fold easily for storage.

The workmanship and colour of the wood is beautiful. The chair pictured is covered in Shooting Deckchair canvas, but it may be covered in any of our stripes of your choice.

Price is £195.00 each

If interested, please call us to discuss your individual requirements 0845 500 1 005

Vintage Rocking Deckchair

Folded Rocking DeckchairLabel Rocking Deckchair