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Deckchair Hire

There’s been a vogue over the last few years for people to buy those ugly, foldy chairs you can get at garages and motorway service stations for occasions rather than using deckchair hire.
Those that have purchased one find they’re flimsy, awkward things that fall apart soon after you plonk down on them or, if they do survive, will soon have you flailing around like a fool as you vainly try to collapse them down and coax them back into the inadequate bag they supply with them.

Deckchair Hire – for people who know

For those in the know the classic, seaside deckchair was the original fold‐away chair and it still reigns supreme. Perfect in design, comfortable, decorative and easy to store. They are the original flat pack seating and are still the best.
Thousands of chair hire vendors in resorts nationwide can’t be wrong. But why limit their availability just to our coastal fun spots when the vintage deck chair has many more marvellous stripy uses? That’s why here at The Stripes Company we’re pleased to offer our deckchair hire service.

Deckchair Hire ? – sit down, we’ll tell you more

If you’re having a special event such as a garden tea party, an open air wedding or an intimate summer concert then your guests’ seating will be important. That, and creating the special ambiance and attention to detail that separates a good event from a fantastic one. That’s why our hire service will be just the ticket. Deckchair hire offers you the flexibility of getting just the right number of seats and will avoid the higgledy‐piggledy look that a forest of ‘garage’ chairs will bring. You can hire as few as 8 chairs all the way through to 300 and the great thing is the more you hire the better the price. Naturally our deckchairs are all in our trademark stripes fabrics that will perfectly match the colour palate of your occasion. At the end when you’ve accepted your plaudits and your guests have left the chairs will stack easily and neatly until we come along and pick them up.

deckchair hire

Deckchair Hire (but donkeys optional)

When you decide deckchair hire is the perfect solution for your event then we’re here to help.
You can hire any number of our classic, stripy deckchairs, delivered directly to your venue ensuring you’ll get the nostalgic seaside look you want that will certainly enhance your gathering.
Once you’ve placed your order you can sit back, relax and look forward to your party safe in the knowledge that our deckchair hire service is working away to make your arrangement look like a million dollars!

For more information call us on 01244 336 387 or to see our vintage deckchairs please go to Blackpool Heritage Deckchairs Hire on our website and we’ll do our stripy best to prove your decision to use our deckchair hire service for your amazing event was a wise and stress‐free choice.

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