Blinds For French Doors

There was a time when French and patio doors were seen as the height of exotic chic. They were once the home accessories of only the well to do. They would garner puzzled looks from people who couldn’t believe there was another entrance to the house apart from the front and back door. It was a bit like when you first encountered a video recorder for example as if it was a marvellous machine from another planet. You might think the same when you see our very stripy blinds for French doors.

Blinds for French Doors – pourquoi?

Now nearly everyone has French doors they don’t seem so exotic any more. They let light stream in and allow you to enjoy the splendour of the garden or patio throughout the day. But what about when it’s time to shut out the world? When the light begins to fade the choices are limited. Curtains are heavy and expensive, Venetian and roller blinds are clumsy and difficult to use in this location. The simplest system in our stripy view is vertical blinds for French doors.

vertical blinds for french doors

Blinds for French Doors – vive le difference

Vertical blinds for French doors are, by far, the best solution when you want to get some shade or retire for the night. They can be easily drawn and adjusted for different light conditions or closed fully to create total privacy. When not in use they withdraw discretely to the edge of the frame allowing you to use the doors easily and conveniently. They really are the best wayto enjoy your French windows or bifold doors but still get the privacy and shade you need.

Blinds for French Doors – stripes a plenty

Of course, as you’d expect, we have our uniquely stripy approach to blinds for French doors. You know we love our stripes and our blinds for French doors are one of the most brilliant way to gets some marvellous colourful stripes into your life and eliminate the ‘office feel’ of the all too common white versions. Not only will you get all the advantages these blinds offer but you can order them from our huge range of stripy loveliness as our blinds for French doors can be made from any of our striped fabrics in a wide range of colours including our deckchair canvas or interior stripes.

New or Existing Blinds for French Windows

For current users we are able to make new blind ‘vanes’ for your existing blinds for French doors system just right for a stripy spruce-up. Of course we can supply a brand new system with blinds and header rail tailor made to fit your French windows. In either case we know you’ll love the vibrant appeal and convenience of stripy blinds for French doors helping you to take your French doors to the next stripy level!

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