Aprons for Potters

Our striped cotton aprons are brilliant as aprons for potters.

In celebration of the thrilling finale of BBC2’s the Great Pottery Throw Down and of great English potters keeping a wonderful craft tradition alive, we would like to present our local Potter Willie who has been throwing for many years in Farndon near Chester, Cheshire.

The Stripes Company apron for potter Willie Carter
Willie wearing his Stripes Company apron – Karting orange stripe

He wears our aprons for making his beautiful pots because they can take anything he throws at them and they slip off and wash beautifully – even when the clay is hardened to a good leathery finish making them great aprons for potters.

Willie’s pottery shop and studio – Top Farm Pottery, Farndon (about 6 miles from The Stripes Company) is where he makes and sells his fabulous pottery and sculptures, take a look www.williepotter.co.uk  He offers adult pottery classes too – individual and group tuition on modelling, sculpture and decoration.

wearing pottery apron blue stripe
Willie in his studio
blue striped apron
wearing his blue stripe apron
Willie Potter Pottery
Some of Willie’s pottery

potter Willie Carter wearing apron

We had another fabulous testimonial from a lovely customer who is also a Potter, confirming our striped cotton aprons are brilliant as aprons for potters :

I bought one of your aprons about 5 years ago.

Being a potter, it is used every single day, and washed at least 4 times per week. With the colours now fading, I bought 3 more, and people LOVE them! The design is generous in length and width, and the pockets are deep, so it’s just perfect for messy creative work. I will recommend them to my customers!
Thanks for such a brilliant product. Claire W

Dec 7th 2015 – Striped Cotton Apronsaprons for potters

Our aprons suitable for pottery come in over 20 different stripes and look fabulous on both men and women of all shapes and sizes

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