Aprons for Potters

Our striped cotton aprons are brilliant as aprons for potters.

In celebration of the thrilling finale of BBC2’s the Great Pottery Throw Down and of great English potters keeping a wonderful craft tradition alive, we would like to present our local Potter Willie who has been throwing for many years in Farndon near Chester, Cheshire.

The Stripes Company apron for potter Willie Carter
Willie wearing his Stripes Company apron – Karting orange stripe

He wears our aprons for making his beautiful pots because they can take anything he throws at them and they slip off and wash beautifully – even when the clay is hardened to a good leathery finish making them great aprons for potters.

Willie’s pottery shop and studio – Top Farm Pottery, Farndon (about 6 miles from The Stripes Company) is where he makes and sells his fabulous pottery and sculptures, take a look www.williepotter.co.uk  He offers adult pottery classes too – individual and group tuition on modelling, sculpture and decoration.

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The Stripes Company A-Z

The Stripes Company A-Z
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Welcome to the Stripes Company A-Z where throughout the festive season we’ll be bringing the alphabet to you Stripes style! We’re dreaming of a Stripey Christmas and hope you’ll join us too! We see stripes everywhere and over the December period while seeing our A-Z we’re sure everything will become striped for you too!

Each week between the 1st & 24th Dec we will be posting something stripey that may be in picture, gif or text format. Plus we have a competition! Add your stripey ‘Z’ suggestion in the final week to win a fantastic prize, remember the crazier the better! Enjoy.

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