Aprons for Men

‘An Englishman’s home is his castle’ is an often cited maxim – does that make the kitchen the armoury where culinary battle commences? Now as any good soldier would tell you, you should go into battle appropriately dressed and our aprons for men are specifically designed to protect the budding male chefs of the family.

The advent of the grilling culture adopted from our antipodean friends in Australia and our next door (well 4,417 miles to the west anyway!) barbeque obsessed neighbours in the USA means many a British man can now be seen with utensil in one hand, gloves in the other and an intense look of pure chef-like concentration ready to commence the cooking! Seemingly for modern man, as well as the outdoor the kitchen is now a place of sanctuary and inspiration in a culinary sense, where you can retreat to create your latest delectable masterpiece for the tastebuds.

The Stripes Company knows that no matter how competent you may be in the kitchen and garden there is always the chance of spillage or splashback and to combat this have an extensive range of aprons for men. Whether you are a fashionista or simply a practical person our striped aprons for men will look great on you while being functional and providing protection. Our colourful one size fits all aprons for men will bring a dash of colour, a sprinkle of fun and a soupçon of dazzle to any dinner party, informal gathering or just plain old dinner for the family.

This man needs an Apron
Protect those slacks! This man needs an Apron.

From our Angling style apron through to Tug O War there is plenty of choice to enable you to find something suited to your style.

karting orange apron for men
‘Karting Orange’ Apron for Men


basketball aprons for men
‘Basketball’ Apron for Men

Aprons for Men: The cut

They have purposely been made to have a very generous length meaning that if for some reason you do have wellies and an apron on then they in most cases will cover you down to said wellies! They even have two generous sized pockets to stick utensils in or for the cold blooded out there to keep your hands warm(er)!

Here at The Stripes Company we always believe as well as being practical you can also be stylish so our collections of aprons for men are tailored to emphasise that. A stylish, hip apron will not only impress family and friends it may help you to become a chef extraordinaire (*not guaranteed!) while also allowing you to cook without fear of ruining those brand new clothes. Can you bear to cook without one?

Have fun in the kitchen or garden…

The Stripes Company

The Stripes Company