Stripey iPad Covers

ipad mini striped bag
Striped covers for iPad mini and Kindles
striped iPad cover
Striped covers for iPad’s

A selection of fabulous stripey iPad covers for your iPad, iPad mini or Kindle. Wipe clean and padded with a magnetic clasp they will protect your device and keep it safe, looking stylish at the same time. They come in 7 different stripes,  some manly, some girly….

The bags can be used as a clutch too! Evie our chief cutter has fallen in love with them and wants one in every stripe!.

They will accomodate your iPad, iPad mini or Kindle even with a hard cover on.

A definite must for Santas wish list…… see more ideas here


Luxury Christmas Striped Bunting

Create a special ambiance this Christmas and decorate your home with our lovely new Luxury Beaded Christmas Bunting.



18 flags with gold lurex thread through very fine pale stripes of red, green, pink, blue, beige edged in delicate gold braid – gorgeous!.


Comes in 5.5m lengths, 18 flags on muted beige/green/grey rope
Each flag measures 21cms x 27 cms.

Other Bunting options also available from Deckchairstripes.

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