It’s Time For A Barbecue…

We’ve been promised a heat wave for this bank holiday weekend so why not celebrate the long weekend with a great Barbecue with your friends and family?
We’ve now added a fabulous three designs to our apron range including: marathon stripe, darts stripe and sevens teal stripe. Now all you have to do is decide what to cook…

Let’s Liven Up The Task of Ironing!

striped ironing board covers


If you’re finding ironing dull, maybe it’s time to brighten up your ironing board!

Choose from our range of 6 stylish ironing board covers.  Our ironing board covers are nicely padded with pull strings for a perfect fit for your standard size ironing board.



Replacement Directors Chair Covers in Hiking

Directors chairs with fold down trayWe received these today and they are wonderful!

The colours, the size, the quality of the stitching, they are perfect.
Thank you for a brilliant service which we will recommend to everyone. Sue

See all of The Stripes Company’s Directors Chairs directors chairs

and Replacement Directors Chair Covers available to buy