Deckchairstripes facrics used at BBC Bridge House

BBC North and Deckchairstripes

We were privileged to be invited to a small get-together at Media City and yesterday evening gathered there to receive a memento for the BBC project which we were involved with from the start by ID:SR as a supplier of fabrics for soft furnishings within the complex.

It was fantastic to see the building at the completed stage (the security was like Fort Knox!) and finally meet the genius designers and architects who had worked with all the staff within the BBC to come up with a solution to working in the media in the 21st Century.

There are very few offices as such  –  areas are available for meetings with stunning ‘pods’ to sit in and if standing on the top floor, the view down is dizzying!

Deckchairstripes facrics used at BBC Bridge House

We were presented with a beautiful little booklet entitled ‘A Place to Provoke Smiles’ with text and illustrations on the ethos and construction of the project which involved many British, particularly local suppliers and manufacturers.

An evening to remember!

The Stripes Company